16 Oct 2018

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The Taco Commandments 1. You Shall Go

16 Oct 2018

The Taco Commandments

1. You Shall Go Somewhere New.

Try somewhere new, eat something delicious, tell your friends about it, and come back with them later.

2. You Shall Not Lose Patience While Waiting For Your Meal

Don’t be surprised if the restaurants have waits. People have been talking about CLT Taco Week for a long-time so only be surprised if there are no waits!

3. You Shall Accept That They Might Run Out

CLT Taco Week will be the crunchiest week in taco history. It is understandable if a place runs out of their #CltTacoWeek tacos toward the end of a shift. Don’t get angry, there’s a whole week to go back! Enjoy your taco adventures and order that mouthwatering taco the next day. Be kind to our wholehearted taco creators, they are doing this for you!

4. You Shall Have Other Meat Than Beef

The participating restaurants will be able to make substitutions for your taco! You can keep all the toppings on your taco, and change the meat to chicken, tofu, pork, steak, etc. instead of a beef taco without paying extra. So, have fun and create a tasty taco of your choosing.

5. You Shall Not Neglect to Buy Drinks and Other Foods

You should buy an Estrella Jalisco beer or Jose Cuervo Tradicional margarita to go with your taco and maybe some sides to show your appreciation for the restaurants that are going above and beyond to bring you a delicious and unique taco for a crazy affordable price!

6. You Shall Not Leave Less Than 20% to Your Server

Keep in mind you are paying a much lower price for your taco than you normally would. Your server is amazing, be generous when leaving gratuity and a scrumptious attitude.

7. You Shall Dine-In

Have a seat, loosen up your belt, and enjoy some of the best tacos in the city! Just a final note that restaurants will not offer their $3 specialty tacos to-go. So, don’t just order one amazing tacos, order several tacos an a Estrella Jalisco beer or a Jose Cuervo Tradicional margarita and relax. A big incentive for them to participate is knowing they’re bringing new customers in and getting orders for sides, drinks, beers, and margaritas which helps offset the operating costs.

8. You Shall Remember Your Taco Passport

While you’re out enjoying these dream tacos, don’t forget to download your CLT Taco Week passport so you can document your food journey, with a chance to win prizes! We need to keep track of you, you may be eligible to win a year supply of beer from Estrella Jalisco Beer or win a $25 Gift Cards from one of the participating restaurants.

9. You Shall Not Forget to Check-In or Hashtag to Show Your Love For Your Taco

Here are the social media contest guidelines (with a chance to win some great prizes)

  1. Follow both @ElevateLifestyle and @CLTTacoWeek on Instagram
  2. Post a photo of your delicious taco(s) from one of the participating CLT Taco Week restaurants using the hashtag #CLTTacoWeek or #CLTLovesTacos and tagging the restaurant on Instagram.
  3. Entries will be accepted through 12 noon EST on Saturday, August 1, 2020
  4. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Instagram on Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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