16 Oct 2018

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Welcome to CLT Taco Week 2024! 10

16 Oct 2018

Welcome to

CLT Taco Week 2024!

10 Days Long April 19 – 28, 2024

Have you been waiting to take a bite out of the Queen City’s taco scene?

Ever wonder where the BEST TACO JOINTS in Charlotte are hiding?

Wait no longer! We have unearthed the hidden gems of Charlotte’s best tacos and dusted off some local all-time favorite taco joints to take part in the 6th Annual CLT Taco Week April 19 – 28, 2024. Feed your appetite for culinary adventure on a week-long journey as you chomp through the best tacos Charlotte has to offer! Starting Friday, April 19 you can take a bite out of Charlotte’s taco scene for only $4 each for a specialty taco.

Locals and visitors alike will be able to try some of the best tacos, these tacos will be unique and available just for this one week, so do not miss out. Why not, order several variations of tacos amongst your peers and share, then do the same at the next restaurant, and the next. Dig in to support your hard-working local chefs, line cooks, wait staff and an awesome group of restaurants who make Charlotte taste great.

Nothing tastes better than a cold beer, a craft tequila cocktail and/or margarita with your tasty tacos! The official beer sponsor is Kona Big Wave and the official tequila sponsor is Jose Cuervo.

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